Breaking Benjamin - Feed the Wolves (Chad Szeliga)

After all those double bassdrumexercises a double bassdrumtranscription from a song played by Breaking Benjamin with Chad Szeliga on drums.

You can find the PDF here

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 16.10.04

Double bassdrum stuff (part 3)

Double bassdrum stuff part 3 - have fun.

The pdf is available here.


Double bassdrum stuff (part 2)

Sorry about last week(ly exercise), I took some time to enjoy my birthday, hence no fresh Weekly Exercise.

Here you can find the PDF of this week.

Same but different ;-)

Enjoy !

DW 5000 DB

Double bassdrum stuff

Just some double bassdrum ideas

PDF available here !

Have fun
Double bassdrum DW

Boem Schack (triple bill)

Totally inspired by others this week.

PDF for the Weekly Exercise available here.

PDF for the Stretchercise by Midas Wouters here.

You should be practicing right now !

Vinnie lick (part 3)

Yeps, the Vinnie lick became part of a trilogy.

PDF available here.

Practice hard and he will be proud ;-)

Have fun !
2018-01-22 11.06.44

Vinnie lick (part 2)

Found a beautiful extension of my previous Weekly Exercise in the mailbox this week.

Thanks to the talented Midas Wouters who saved me some time by providing me his approach to the "Vinnie lick".
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

As always you can find the pdf here.

Btw, He's not only a good drummer, also a good photoshopper ;-)
2018-01-15 08.46.13

Vinnie lick

We are back, although I don't know if it will be weekly. If my schedule is as busy as in 2017, that will be hard, but I'll try it anyway. At least it will be monthly, I promise. If I deliver more material, that's a bonus :-)

Thanks to all the people asking me why there was no more Weekly Exercise. You guys and girls really pushed me to continue this good old habit. Hopefully this will inspire you to continue your nice drumjourney, exploring new stuff.

As usual you can find the pdf here.

And below a nice picture of my Vinnie setup during soundcheck. Big thumbs up for the awesome people at Paiste and Gretsch. Proud to be in their team !

Vinnie Setup


Deze is voor de leerlingen van de academie van Schoten.

Dikker merci voor de geweldige ontvangst !

Hier de link naar de Weekly Exercise van vrijdagavond.


Paradiddle workout


It's been a long time. I've been too busy to keep you all updated with a weekly exercise, but this weekend, I had some spare time left, so there you go.

PDF Available here.

Have fun !

Monster - Skillet (Jen Ledger)


Monster by Skillet Jen Ledger is rocking the house.

Enjoy !

PDF available here.

Flams (part 2)


As promised last week : Flams part 2

PDF available here.

Enjoy and stay tuned.


Flams (part 1)

Have fun with this weekly exercise !

PDF available here.

See you next week !

Mr. Cabdriver - Lenny Kravitz

DSC_1204 copy

Pure fun with Mr. Cabdriver played by Lenny himself.

PDF available here.

Enjoy and until next week !


White shadows - Will Champion (Coldplay)


A great song, played by a great drummer.
This stuff is for starters too. If necessary, leave out the open hihats.

As always Have fun !

PDF available here.

Bassdrum control

Fun with the bassdrum.

PDF available here.

Have fun !

Disturbed - Inside the fire (part 2)


This is the second part. We are starting at the coda.
Remember to be wise and slow things down when necessary. I learned this valuable lesson from a Jedi Master.

As always the PDF is available here.

Have fun !


Disturbed - Inside the fire (part 1)

This request is from a student who is into the heavier stuff.
Remember to be wise and slow things down when necessary.

As always the PDF is available here.

Have fun !


James Blunt - You're beautiful


A request of my favorite nephey.
Have fun !

PDF available here.

Reggae variations

I this Weekly Exercisenice lots of nice reggae variations. Enjoy !

PDF as always available here.

Selah Sue (part 2)


Welcome back and thanks for visiting.
Enjoy the Weekly Exercise.

You can find the PDF here.

A couple of nice grooves I found on the first Selah Sue Record.

Enjoy !

Selah Sue (part 1)

Inspired by Selah Sue and her great band, I made a worksheet on this challenging groove played by Jordi Geuens on the song "Crazy Sufferin Style". I hope you like it.

As always, the PDF is available here.

If you don't know Selah Sue and her band, check them out. Lovely people and great musicians. Scroll down for the tourdates.

Have fun and thanks for visiting.

Odd meter in 7 (part 2)

I hope you are ready for tackling the snarevariations !

PDF is available here !

Enjoy and keep on grooving.

Odd meter in 7 (part 1)


Have fun with these grooves in 7. This week we will work on our bass drum.
Next week we'll tackle some snare stuff.

The pdf is available here.

Have fun and thanks for visiting !

Sly Dunbar (part 3)


Part 3 of the Sly Dunbar trilogy.

As always you can find the PDF here.

Enjoy and keep on hitting those drums.

Thanks for visiting !

Feel free to send me a request !

Sly Dunbar (part 2)

Part 2 of the Sly Dunbar reggea grooves.
You can find the PDF here.

Have fun and until next week !

Sly Dunbar (part 1)

One year of Weekly Exercises already !!! Time flies.
Thank you for all your requests, kind words ! That keeps me going.

Have fun with Sly Dunbar ! PDF as always available here.
Hope to see you back next week !

Timing (the fun part)


All the explanation is on the PDF available here.

Have fun and until next week !


Timing (my favourite part)

Hi there you all,

thanks for visiting this Weekly Exercise.
The exercises on the PDF (available here) are one of my favourites.
I love it when you can have the click as a a part of your groove.
Have fun and see you next week !

Timing (part 2)


More timing work to do in this Weekly Exercise. I hope you have as much fun (and sometimes frustration) with these exercises as I do.

PDF available here.

Enjoy, and while drumming think about the magnificent David Bowie for a couple of moments. He has left us way to early !