Boem Schack (triple bill)

Totally inspired by others this week.

PDF for the Weekly Exercise available here.

PDF for the Stretchercise by Midas Wouters here.

You should be practicing right now !

Vinnie lick (part 3)

Yeps, the Vinnie lick became part of a trilogy.

PDF available here.

Practice hard and he will be proud ;-)

Have fun !
2018-01-22 11.06.44

Vinnie lick (part 2)

Found a beautiful extension of my previous Weekly Exercise in the mailbox this week.

Thanks to the talented Midas Wouters who saved me some time by providing me his approach to the "Vinnie lick".
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

As always you can find the pdf here.

Btw, He's not only a good drummer, also a good photoshopper ;-)
2018-01-15 08.46.13

Vinnie lick

We are back, although I don't know if it will be weekly. If my schedule is as busy as in 2017, that will be hard, but I'll try it anyway. At least it will be monthly, I promise. If I deliver more material, that's a bonus :-)

Thanks to all the people asking me why there was no more Weekly Exercise. You guys and girls really pushed me to continue this good old habit. Hopefully this will inspire you to continue your nice drumjourney, exploring new stuff.

As usual you can find the pdf here.

And below a nice picture of my Vinnie setup during soundcheck. Big thumbs up for the awesome people at Paiste and Gretsch. Proud to be in their team !

Vinnie Setup