November 2015

Alter Ego - Anika Nilles (part 3)


Welcome (back) for part 3 of the Anika Nilles transcription.
PDF is available here

Have fun !

Alter Ego - Anika Nilles (part 2)


Part 2 of the drumpart played by Anika Nilles.

Enjoy the transcription. You can find the pdf here !

The video is available here.

Alter Ego - Anika Nilles (part 1)


This one is a request ! Thanks for the tip !
Some great phrasings and grooves played by Anika Nilles.

PDF available here !

Click here for the link to the video.

Enjoy !

Triplets in different groupings (part 2)


More triplets. New phrasings, inspired by Gary Chaffee.
PDF available here.

Have fun !

Triplets in different groupings (part 1)

Let's get some work done !

You can find the pdf here

Have fun !