Timing (the fun part)


All the explanation is on the PDF available here.

Have fun and until next week !


Timing (my favourite part)

Hi there you all,

thanks for visiting this Weekly Exercise.
The exercises on the PDF (available here) are one of my favourites.
I love it when you can have the click as a a part of your groove.
Have fun and see you next week !

Timing (part 2)


More timing work to do in this Weekly Exercise. I hope you have as much fun (and sometimes frustration) with these exercises as I do.

PDF available here.

Enjoy, and while drumming think about the magnificent David Bowie for a couple of moments. He has left us way to early !

Timing (part 1)

Welcome back for another Weekly Exercise.

Before you start working on your timing, let me wish you all the best for 2016 (and beyond).
Ok, that's done :-) Now pick up your sticks, look for your metronome and download the PDF (as always available here) so you can start working on your timing.

Have fun and until next week !

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