Odd meter in 7 (part 2)

I hope you are ready for tackling the snarevariations !

PDF is available here !

Enjoy and keep on grooving.

Odd meter in 7 (part 1)


Have fun with these grooves in 7. This week we will work on our bass drum.
Next week we'll tackle some snare stuff.

The pdf is available here.

Have fun and thanks for visiting !

Sly Dunbar (part 3)


Part 3 of the Sly Dunbar trilogy.

As always you can find the PDF here.

Enjoy and keep on hitting those drums.

Thanks for visiting !

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Sly Dunbar (part 2)

Part 2 of the Sly Dunbar reggea grooves.
You can find the PDF here.

Have fun and until next week !

Sly Dunbar (part 1)

One year of Weekly Exercises already !!! Time flies.
Thank you for all your requests, kind words ! That keeps me going.

Have fun with Sly Dunbar ! PDF as always available here.
Hope to see you back next week !